Art with a Purpose - Sahaya International

Sahaya Int. Charity Art Show Aug. 2019

I have always wanted to donate to a legitimate charity that provide better lives for impoverished people. If you're sitting or standing while reading this post, I believe you're very fortunate to have had an education and also have the resources to be where you are now. I am fortunate enough to have the resources growing up that enables me to be where I am today. As of August, my life conditions calls for supporting Sahaya International and its mission to help those in need. The picture above is Sahaya Charity Art Show that happens every year in San Jose. Various artists contribute 100% of their art work to the show and is only hosted by volunteers. Proceeds from the art show provides educational and housing support for impoverished children and families in Vietnam.

What is Sahaya? Click to learn more.

Legit Charities are hard to find because this world has more greed than generosity. The practice of generosity should be w/o arrogance or ego, but only mere humbleness.

Phoenix Che 2020