Real Movements Benefit

Lately, there is an overwhelming sense of responsibility to understand what is going on with our democracy. It's hard to give our Trust to any leaders nowadays. But if there were to be a peaceful movement, I believe that movements that benefit are real movements. Thus, this one is called Real Movements Benefit 30x22in. acrylic, ink, oil. The peace that probably only exist within our own mind if we choose to allow.

I came across an interesting verse, it will contradict with my artwork within the exchange of material objects through currency idea, but I'd like to share it anyways.

"True freedom paradoxically comes not from getting what you want but from not wanting to get. In short, freedom means being free from desire, free from greed, free from habits. It is not pursued nor even won; rather, freedom comes from letting go or, more precisely, not grasping. It exists already within our nature and so is absolute, something we cannot lose." Freedom Simplified

I don't believe that you should become a hermit through this verse. It's hard enough already when we live in a world where corrupted officials would kill their own people for power, money, and some kind of agenda. I believe in having what is "enough". Enough is when we are able to obtain one desired object and feel satisfied. For example, desiring 2 pairs of tennis shoes for "good looks" or for its "form" when you only need to function would probably not fit in the idea of what's "enough".

Thus this one is called Freedom Obtained, 14x11in. Oil, acrylic

Everything's Okay no. 1-3 , Oil, Acrylic,

Patience is a Virtue. Virtue is a much-needed practice in our daily lives.

Phoenix Che 2020